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Tuesday, May 19, 2020

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NIBIC & SCA Partnership

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Spiritual Care Association is pleased to announce the creation of its Corporate Chaplain Division. The Corporate Chaplain Division of the Spiritual Care Association is a partnership between SCA and the National Institute of Business and Industrial Chaplains (NIBIC).

NIBIC supports the advancement of spiritual care in the workplace. It has established academic and professional criteria for the practice of this specialized chaplaincy professional. These standards help to ensure that skilled, effective chaplains and every person providing spiritual care, counseling and consultation in workplace settings meet the professional standards.

Membership in NIBIC is not required. All corporate chaplains are welcome to join and participate.

“We are happy to announce the creation of the Corporate Chaplain Division of the Spiritual Care Association,” said SCA President and CEO the Rev. Eric J. Hall. “This important area of chaplaincy complements our divisions in health care, first response chaplaincy, hospice chaplaincy, faith community nursing and military chaplaincy.”

A corporate chaplain provides spiritually-based care to persons in the context of their employment, respecting the diversity of the workforce being served. They respond to individual and family needs, as well as work-life concerns such as job stress, coworker relations and career direction. They also provide consultation to management about issues affecting employee and company well-being, including organizational change, ethical challenges, conflict resolution, team development and outplacement. 

Corporate chaplains are called upon to lead first responder teams in the event of critical incidents affecting the workplace. Corporate chaplains are highly trained in the services they provide, whether this takes place on the corporate premises or externally at a chaplaincy provider center. 

“I am so excited to partner with SCA in order to grow NIBIC to the next level,” said Executive Director of NIBIC Diana C. Dale, D.Min., Ph.D., NBCC. “SCA affiliation puts an enormous amount of resources at the corporate chaplain’s fingertips.”

Other benefits include access to current best-practice standards of spiritual care and the availability of online coursework. Clinical Pastoral Training makes it possible for working chaplains to pursue professional development.

Members of SCA’s Corporate Chaplain Division will automatically receive dual membership in SCA and NIBIC. To review a list of SCA member benefits, click here.

To contact NIBIC, please visit or click here.


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