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National Institute of Business and Industrial Chaplains
Sunday, May 17, 2020


The Chaplain

  • Is an ordained minister, endorsed by his or her denomination and equipped by experience to offer confidential pastoral care and counseling.

  • Sees his or her work as representing God's care and concern for all people as they are.

  • Is a colleague of the local clergy; does not attempt to substitute for the pastor or the more traditional means of worship and pastoral care.

Business-Industrial Chaplaincy

  • Is an interdenominational, ecumenical counseling ministry to people in business and industry, responding to individual and family needs, as well as work-life concerns such as job stress and career.

  • Is not a denominational promotion scheme, a preaching platform, a defense of paternalism, a labor or management tool, or competition for community services or agencies.

  • Is a preventive, as well as problem-solving, ministry and reaches out with concern to all people.

  • Is a carefully structured ministry of pastoral care conducted by carefully selected and trained ministers, working within the boundaries of cooperative and supportive business or industry

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